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The Retreat Association Conference 2015

The Retreat Association Conference is held every 3 years and is a significant event for anyone interested in Christian Spirituality.

Our 2015 conference was a wonderful celebration of Christian spirituality. Some 270 people gathered to listen, worship, share, network, learn and reflect along the theme of finding balance.

Listening groups

'Reflections' groups met daily to enable participants to reflect on their experiences of the conference.

Chair of Trustees, Revd Ian Green and Executive Director, Alison MacTier welcome participants to the conference.


Revd Graham Sparkes, Patron of the Retreat Association, introduces the theme and main speakers.

Dr Iain McGilchrist explores the complex balance of the human brain and asks whether modern life has become imbalanced.

Revd Barbara Glasson reflects on the importance of integrity in cross-cultural community.

Retreat Association Patrons Dr Rowan Williams and Fr Christopher Jamison give their reflections on the talks, including finding safe spaces, diversity and unity in community and relationship to the created world.

Storytelling and poetry

Poet Pádraig Ó Tuama leading a memorable evening of sharing stories. He also read some of his poetry – some of which was specially written at the conference.


Artist Sophie Hacker giving a workshop on making mobile sculptures to reflect the theme of balance.


Participants chose from 20 workshops per day across themes such as health and wellbeing, spiritual practices and traditions, relationships and community, skills and creativity.

Our grateful thanks to our patrons, contributors and participants who helped to make this a truly memorable conference!

Free time

There was the choice of a midsummer dusk walk or a Ceilidh on the last evening.


In the final session Revd Graham Sparkes reflected that a commitment to silence, mystery and love offered an alternative way forward in an unbalanced world.

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Beautiful prayer stations were created by Lindisfarne Scriptorium in the chapel.


A range of exhibitors brought resources to browse during free time.

Worship and prayer

Emily Walker leading daily worship using a rich variety of readings and songs from around the world.

Patron Margaret Rizza and Tim Ruffer leading night prayers.

Our final worship celebrated the theme of the conference.

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