Helping you explore and deepen your journey with God through retreats

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How you can get involved

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Retreat Association

We are a registered charity which is totally self-financing and relies on the support of members, supporters and friends.

We offer resources, events and training to a wide range of people, helping them to explore and deepen their spiritual journey through retreats and reflective activities. We are unique in offering this kind of support to all those who are looking for meaning in their lives.

If you would like our work to continue, please consider making a donation, no matter how small. Your support is important to us.

£10 could enable us to offer personal advice to someone looking for a retreat or spiritual director.

£25 could fund our website for one week. Our website helps many people find the retreat and support they are looking for.

Other ways to get involved

Sponsor the New Retreat Association Icon

The Retreat Association has commissioned an icon as an enduring reminder of the value of Retreats and reflective prayer.

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Supporter Pack

If you would like to introduce a group to the value of retreats - or are interested in finding out more for yourself this pack is a very helpful resource. It includes a film, notes on leading a group, prayer activities and suggestions for your own quiet day.

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Quiet Day Pack

An ideal resource for organising your own quiet day – including prayer leaflets, posters and bookmarks.

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Members receive a free subscription to Retreats, newsletters from us during the year and advance notice of events, with the opportunity of reductions on booking costs.

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Other ways to get involved

Give someone the opportunity to discover their meaning and purpose in life through leaving a gift in your will.

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If you would be interested in taking part in a sponsored activity, or organising a fundraising event, we would be very glad to support you! Please get in touch and let us know about your ideas.

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More information can be found on the following:

The Retreat Association for the UK