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  • Retreats Journal

    Retreats 2021 now available!

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  • Online resources and retreats for challenging times

    Looking for ways of praying or going on retreat at home? Seeking inspiration in these uncertain times?

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  • Retreat House Wardens and the Coronavirus

    Advice, information, events for Retreat Houses.

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  • Good news stories in lockdown!

    Read about the activities of some of our retreat centres.

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  • Retreat Association Icon

    The Retreat Association has commissioned an icon as an enduring reminder of the value of Retreats and reflective prayer.

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  • Summer Event 2021

    On the theme of Pilgrimage.

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  • Gift Tokens

    Send someone a gift that will give them time and space to reflect on their journey with God.

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  • Retreat Association Conference 28-30 June 2022

    Save the date and read about our 2018 conference!

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