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Online Retreats and Resources for challenging times

Looking for some inspiration, advice or resources during the Coronavirus pandemic? Here are some suggestions for the time ahead.

Member Group resources and information

These are some pages from our member groups with resources and information:

The Association for Promoting Retreats

The Association for Promoting Retreats have set up a page for support, encouragement, prayer, poetry, advice:

Inspiration in isolation

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The Baptist Union

Prayer and study

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The Catholic Spirituality Network

The Catholic Spirituality Network have also set up a page:

Stay and Pray: resources for the COVID-19 Emergency

Linked to the above website is a list of resources from The Tablet:

Isolated but not alone: resources for Catholics

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The Methodist Church

There are a number of resources on The Methodist Church home page

Online Retreats & Quiet Days




The Retreat Association for the UK