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Who we are

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We are very grateful to each of our patrons for their generosity in lending support to our work. They share with us a passionate belief in the value of stillness and silence and their involvement will be a great encouragement to those who seek to deepen their faith journey through retreats and reflective activities.


The trustees of the Retreat Association are responsible for the governance of the organisation and for guiding its vision and mission. They work with the Director to develop the overall strategy of the Retreat Association.

The trustees are unpaid volunteers and meet four times a year, some also serving on sub-committees to provide additional support for the work of the organisation.

Current Trustees:

Sue Bennett

Gill Dascombe

Rev Martin Davies

Rev Ian Green

Rev Barry Preece (Chair)

Michael O’Halloran

Susan Parker

Sheila Pollard


Alison MacTier

Alison MacTier

Executive Director

Clare Lake

Clare Lake

Office Administrator


Margaret Palladino

Margaret Palladino


Jill Keegan

Jill Keegan


The Retreat Association for the UK

Denominational Member Groups: