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What is a quiet day?
What happens on a quiet day?
Quiet days are usually from around 10 to 4pm. You will usually be given a programme at the start of the day by the quiet day leader.

During the day there will be:

input from the leader on the theme they have chosen.

time for you to reflect on your own, in a way that feels helpful to you (reading, walking, resting etc).

refreshment breaks.

At the end of the day there will often be the chance to worship and share your experiences with the group.

Where can I go on a quiet day?
Quiet days take place across the country in a variety of places such as retreat houses, churches and
village halls.

What is a quiet day?

A quiet day is a gentle introduction for newcomers to retreats.

A quiet day is also a way of going on retreat for one day.

Who goes on a quiet day?

Quiet days are open to anyone and may be particularly helpful if:

The number of people attending a quiet day varies but is usually fairly small — between 6 and 25 people.

Where can I find a quiet day?

We can help you find a quiet day in your area. Just contact us.

See if there is a

Retreat Association quiet day

near you soon.

You can also contact your local retreat house for details of quiet days in your area.

A Quiet Day pack is available with resources for how to plan a quiet day.