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Retreats 2015 — the annual publication  of the Retreat Association

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Retreats 2015 includes the following features:

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Retreats 2016 Articles

Greeting fear with generosity
Pádraig Ó Tuama explores how fear can be a threshold to new beginnings.

Holding a Balance
Susan Daniell reflects on the Retreat Association Conference 2015.

Welcoming the Divine
Lizzie Hopthrow describes how her garden has become a place of peace and encounter.

Mindful paths to peace
Shaun Lambert explores the meaning and value of Mindfulness.

The peace of the monastic tradition
Sr Michaela explores how life in a Benedictine community offers peace of heart and mind.

As easy as A, B, C

Janet Robbins shares her experiences of meditating with children.

Finding peace in the city

Martin Davies explores quiet days in the city.

Encountering retreat at home

Penny Bird explains the enduring value of Weeks of Accompanied Prayer.

Standing still in the light

Alexandra Bosbeer and Gordon Matthews explore the history of a Quaker retreat centre.

The hermitage within

Lance and Sue Blake explore the gift of the hermitage to the inner journey.

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