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Retreats 2015 — the annual publication  of the Retreat Association

Retreats 2015 includes the following features:

Retreats 2015 Articles

We are all on holy ground
Margaret Rizza reflects on the significance of music and sacred space in her own encounter with holy ground.

Home, heart and Holy Ground
Stephen Wright reflects on what it means to come home to the place of the heart and the presence of the Holy.

Finding the everyday God
Janet Marshall explores how words and landscape provide the basis for community.

Engagement or retreat
Tobias Jones reflects on the call to radical Christian hospitality at the Windsor Hill Wood community.

Shaping the clay
Alan Parris describes how working with clay is an act of faith and transformation.

When place becomes holy
Canon Keith Lamdin reflects on the effect of centuries of prayer on the work and life of Sarum College.

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Touching the eternal

Paul Heppleston describes the significance of journeys to remote places of beauty.

Poetry and puddles

Jill Keegan explores the Greenbelt Festival – a place of prayer and encounter.

An oasis of peace

Sister Margaret Rose McSparran describes how Drumalis retreat centre offers a place apart in a turbulent world.

Picnic in the Fields of our Hearts

Karen Turner reflects on the challenges and myths surrounding retreats for young people.

Thin places and sacred spaces

Cameron Butland describes some of the places where people have been finding a spiritual connection for thousands of years.

The hospitality of Benedictine monasticism

Abbot David Charlesworth explains why hospitality is at the centre of the Benedictine rule of life.

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