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Summer Event

Retreat Association Summer Event 2017

The Royal Foundation of St Katharine, Limehouse, London

Some 50 people gathered at our Summer Event on 14 July in the lovely surroundings of the Royal Foundation of St Katharine, East London.

Revd Dr Andrew Walker was our main speaker, exploring the theme of 'Soul matters' and taking guests on a whistle-stop history of how the soul has been defined through the ages. He ended by encouraging reflection on how we understand the soul today – and lively discussion followed in small groups.

After lunch artist Tim Wainwright presented a film About Soul in which a wide variety of people from London were asked to give their own understanding of the soul. This led to a lively Q&A session and a sense that although the soul cannot be easily defined we may share common understanding in the mystery and immensity of its meaning.

The day was wonderfully interwoven with times of worship led by musician Emily Walker, including reflective prayer and lively music from the world church.

St Katharine's provided an ideal location for the event, with beautiful grounds and spaces where conversation and reflection flowed into the rest of the programme.

Our thanks to all our contributors and everyone who attended and helped to make this such a memorable event!

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