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Retreat Centre Form - 4/7

Retreat Association Events


Stop! in the Name of God 12–14 July 2024
In 2024 we hope you can find space in your programmes to support this event.

We will highlight this in our handbook and on our website.

Please list details, including dates, of any special activities you are holding to celebrate this national event.

Details of 2024 events

Retreat Association Icon


The Retreat Association Icon is available for display in retreat centres.

We hope that this will encourage more people to take time out in prayer and quiet reflection.


Please let us know if you would be willing to display the icon in your centre and also to host/organise a quiet day of reflection (resource packs with material for leading quiet days are available).

Gift token scheme

The Retreat Association Gift Token Scheme currently has 22 participating retreat centres.

This is advertised on our website, our newsletter and news bulletin, through the Christian press and at events. We hope that this will encourage many new people to discover the value of retreat.

The tokens are available in £
5, £10 and £20 vouchers and are supplied with a gift card and a list of participating retreat centres.

The Retreat Association currently takes initial payment for the tokens which will be redeemable by the Retreat Centre, less 10% of the total token value.

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