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About The Retreat Association

The Retreat Association is a national ecumenical Christian organisation that helps people find ways of exploring and deepening their journey with God through spirituality and prayer.

Our core aims

Assisting people to find an appropriate retreat to book

Providing relevent resources and detailed information

Working with, supporting  and promoting Retreat Centres

Holding and hosting national and regional events

Helping people to find appropriate Spiritual Direction

Providing training and leading retreats across the UK


An ecumenical association

We have the following denominational member groups:

What people have been saying about us

The Retreat Association works with a wide range of people - from general enquirers seeking a retreat or spiritual director to retreat house wardens.


Here are some of the comments we have recently received:

‘It is organisations like the Retreat Association who provide the space for people to dream of a new future of freedom and possibility, and self-acceptance of our human divine relationship… I see this organisation as a great resource for putting like-minded people in touch with one other, thereby supporting growth of communities and individuals through the power of deep listening.’

Jo Joy, Spiritual Direction Course Trainer, Gloucestershire

"As a member I have always found the Retreat Association supportive and helpful. The resources and leaflets are fantastic and really useful"

Don Quity, Warden, Marygate House, Lindisfarne

"With the increased interest in personal retreats, the Retreat Association is a fantastic resource for all church leaders. A huge ‘thank you’ to all those at The Retreat Association who do so much to help us who run individual retreat houses."

Carl Lee MBE, Warden of The Society of Mary and Martha, Devon, for 30 years

"I would like to say thank you very much indeed for your reply to my enquiry about finding a spiritual director. It is clear how much consideration and thought goes into the assistance you can give to people in this way, and I really appreciate it."

Sarah Atkins, Enquirer

 "I particularly value how the Retreat Association brings together the range of Christian denominations in the UK, coordinating and focusing our efforts, pooling our resources, sharing our expertise widely, and underlining how much we have in common."

Lois Baldwin, Experienced Spiritual Director & Retreat Leader


Our History

The Retreat Association as we know it today, has been promoting and encouraging retreats and Christian spirituality across the denominations since the late 1980s.


However the beginning of organised retreats started in:


The organisation has its origins in the Anglican Association for Promoting Retreats, founded in 1917


The annual Retreats Journal was first published as The Vision

Founding of the Catholic National Retreat Council


The first Retreat Association Conference took place


Founding of the Methodist Retreat Group


Founding of the Baptist Union Retreat Group

Supported by donors and organisations 

We are very grateful for the generosity and support of these organisations

  & individuals - without whom our work would not be possible.


The Association for Promoting Retreats

To support fundraising

Miss Jane Lander

To support core activities


The Mercers Company

To support our training days


The Society of the Sacred Mission

To support the development of a film about our work


The Well at Willesden Charitable Trust

To support the development of our website


The East Midlands SPI-DIR Network

To support the ministry of spiritual direction


The Joseph Rank Trust

To support core activities


The Oak Trust

To help our work in offering advice, resources and support

Mr & Mrs J P Throneycroft’s Charitable Trust

To support core activities

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