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Stop! in the name of God

Since 1993, the Retreat Association has promoted a weekend of quiet reflection during the summer months. Each year, we have enabled Christians across the UK to organise local events promoting the value of silence and stillness.


12th - 14th July 2024

If you would like to support this initiative, why not get together with others in your church or local area to plan an event? This can be small or large, indoors or outdoors, structured or unstructured.

We would also encourage you to think creatively about how to engage people who are unfamiliar with the practice of silent reflection. This could involve, for example:

  • Creating a quiet space in your workplace or a local school

  • Setting up a drop-in reflective space in a local park or city centre

  • Organising a prayer pilgrimage around your town or city


If you’re planning to organise an event, you might like to order a copy of our Quiet Day pack, which contains more ideas and resources, including leaflets, bookmarks and posters.

Please get in touch if you are planning an event, or if we can help further.


2024 Events

The map lists some of the events taking place for Stop! in the Name of God.

If you have organised an event, and would like to add it to the map, please let us know.


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