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Who we are

Patrons of the Retreat Association

We are very grateful to each of our patrons for their generosity in lending support to our work. They share with us a passionate belief in the value of stillness and silence and their involvement will be a great encouragement to those who seek to deepen their faith journey through retreats and reflective activities.


Dr Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams is a great supporter of the work of retreat centres, has contributed articles to the Retreats handbook and was a speaker at the 2015 Retreat Association Conference.

Abbot Christopher Jamison OSB

Abbot Christopher is a keen supporter of our work and has taken an active role as patron, taking part in a number of Retreat Association conferences and Summer Events.

Margaret Rizza

Margaret is an enthusiastic supporter of the work of the Retreat Association and led some memorable singing workshops at the 2015 Retreat Association Conference.


Sara Maitland

Writer and speaker Sara has been a contributor to our Retreats handbook and was guest speaker at our 2018 conference and 2021 Summer Event. 


Rev Graham Sparkes

Since becoming patron, Graham has been actively involved in many of the Retreat Association events, including all our main conferences since 2012 . 

Trustees of the Retreat Association

The trustees of the Retreat Association are responsible for the governance of the organisation and for guiding its vision and mission. They work with the Director to develop the overall strategy of the Retreat Association.

The trustees are unpaid volunteers and meet three times a year, some also serving on sub-committees to provide additional support for the work of the organisation.

Our current trustees are:

Mr Richard Broughton
Rev Cameron Butland
Mrs Susan Chastney
Rev Martin Davies

Mrs Sheila Pollard
Miss Shirley Taylor
Ms Kathryn Turner


Retreat Association Staff

Alison MacTier 2022ii.jpg

Alison MacTier

Executive Director

Alison is the Director of the Retreat Association, with overall responsibility for the leadership of the charity. Alison has a professional background in book publishing and the charity sector. She is also a trained spiritual director and leads quiet days and retreats.


Clare Lake

Office Administrator

Clare is responsible for looking after the administrative activities of  the charity. She explains, 'Having always had an interest in psychology and spirituality, and a desire to understand the human essence, it was a natural choice to contribute to The Retreat Association'.

Retreat Association extended team

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-06 at 14.00.00.jpeg

Gina Cavanagh

Gina is responsible for looking after the website and social media for the charity. She is excited to see the work of the Retreat Association reach a wider group of people.

jill keegan.jpg

Jill Keegan

Jill helps out in a number of ways, in particular with the preparation of our annual handbook, Retreats, and with the planning of our three-yearly Conference.  Jill is also an active member of the Catholic Spirituality Network  CSN.

Carol Marsh.jpg

Carol Marsh


Carol works on the design of our publicity material and newsletters. She lives in Devon  with her husband, son and dog, and also makes and sells her own jewellery via her website 'Nonsisa'.

Alan M.jpg

Alan Mossman


Alan of the Alpha Xperience is responsible for the design and typesetting of our annual Retreats handbook and some of our other resources such as our icon cards.

Caroline Rance 2018.jpg

Caroline Rance

Caroline is  a writer and editor helping us with the Retreats handbook and a number of other projects.  She brings many years' experience of working in the charity  sector.  Caroline lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband, son, dog and three horses.

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