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Retreats -
The annual publication of the Retreat Association

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Retreats 2024 includes the following features:

  • Articles and book reviews on the theme of Hope - see below for further details

  • Lead article by Angela Tilby

  • Information and programmes for over 150 Christian retreat centres in the UK and beyond

  • Details of courses, networks and associations that promote spirituality and spiritual direction

  • Retreats with a theme - including painting, walking, Christmas and Easter

  • Individually guided retreats and quiet days

  • Retreats for the beginner

  • Map pages divided into regions

  • An index to all retreat centres

Send a cheque for £8.70 (£5.00 per copy plus £3.70 postage and packing) to our contact address.

Alternatively, send a cheque for £13.70 (£10.00 per copy plus £3.70 postage and packing) to our contact address.

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Retreats 2023 - Sale Price

Send a cheque for £8.70 (£5.00 per copy plus £3.70 postage and packing) to our contact address.

Featured articles in Retreats 2024 Handbook


The virtue of hope

Angela Tilby explores the challenge and freedom that hope offers our faith & world.

Sticking together

Jim Cargin listens out for the still small voice of hope during a time of war.

For a spirituality of hope

Clare Watkins reflects on a neglected virtue and its vitality for today.

Sharing the griefs & joys

Fr Nicholas Postlethwaite CP reflects on the life-giving hope present in our own communities.

Making the journey

Rev Janet Bone explores what it means to undertake the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius.

Tasting the eternal sabbath

Mark Russ reflects on how silence, stillness and story can nourish our hopefulness.

Being and doing in a climate 'something'

Val Freeman explores the value of breathing in as well as out.

Looking back in gratitude

Heather Andrews gives thanks for the ministry and contribution of the Baptist Union Retreat Group.

Entering a fruitful & spacious place

Lindsay Pelloquin explores the challenges and opportunities for those in the 4th age of life.

Returning to the centre

Jonathan Herbert explores how contemplation and action help to build inclusive community.

Weaving hope into every day

Helen Hewitt describes how a community discovered new ways to offer sanctuary in challenging times.

A kinship filled with hope

Shona Cahill explores the Franciscan outlook on humanity's place within creation.

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