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The Retreat Association Icon

The Retreat Association Icon is an enduring reminder of the value of retreats and reflective prayer.

How you can display the icon at your centre 


We would like as many people as possible to have the opportunity to see our icon.

Since it was first hallowed the icon has been on display at over 25 retreat centres, 10 cathedrals, 8 churches and 3 educational establishments. 

If you are thinking of displaying the icon – here’s what’s involved:



Once you have offered to display the icon we will get in touch with you to discuss dates. The icon is usually loaned for between 2-4 weeks. This varies depending on your preferences, the availability of the icon and the dates when we can deliver and collect the icon.

We confirm the dates with you and offer to send you a pack for leaders to help support a quiet day or event that you may wish to hold with the icon.

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We use a fine arts courier to transport the icon around the country. They will need contact details so that they can email or phone you 2 working days before they are due to deliver the icon – with a 2-hour delivery window.


This process is repeated a couple of days before the icon is due to be collected from you.

The icon will be delivered in a wooden display box and comes with its own stand and black sheet. It is accompanied by a pull-up banner that can be used to highlight the presence of your icon at the venue. 

What (additional resources)

A few weeks before the icon is due to be delivered to your venue, we will ask you whether you would like to order materials to support your event. ​ These include:

  • Leaflets explaining the purpose of icons, how and why this icon was made, the bible story of the Samaritan Woman at the Well and ideas for reflection.

  • Cards, postcards and smaller replicas of the icon that you may wish to have available for those visiting the icon.

  • Additional packs for leaders: this include an introduction to the icon, a commentary on the bible passage, reflections and a Visio Divina of the icon, as well as a sample leaflet and post card.

icon product 9.jpg


Each journey of the icon by the courier currently costs £120 and we ask that if possible you cover the cost of one of these journeys.

We will invoice you this cost once the icon has been delivered.


We ask that where possible you complete a short feedback sheet relating to your experience of having the icon at your centre – this helps to inform the icon project going forward.

We also welcome photos of the icon in situ at your centre – showing the broader surroundings in which it is on display.


We then add these to our Facebook photo album and may use it on our website, in our newsletters and in other ways to encourage others to visit and display the icon.

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Repeat visits

Provided we have space in the diary we welcome centres who wish to display the icon on more than one occasion.

To find out more or to indicate your interest in displaying the icon please contact us.

Icon Events

The Retreat Association Icon is regularly on display in a number of retreat centres, churches and cathedrals.

The icon story through pictures

Contemplative Video

A contemplative video depicting the icon with narration and music has been created by   

Magdalen Lawler SND and Tom McGuinness SJ.

Icon resources

Wood mounted icons, cards and other icon related goods are available from our online shop.

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