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Stella Matutina

Strandvejen 352, 2980 Kokkedal, Denmark

Contact Details

Contact Name:

Sr. Gisela Heitz csj



0045 50 27 80 99

Retreat Centre Description

Stella Matutina is a Catholic retreat centre located at the Baltic Sea 25 km north of Copenhagen facing Øresund and Sweden.The Retreat Centre is ecumenical, run by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambery. The Centre has a large, scenic garden that runs right down to the Sound and is home to many birds and other small animals. A pavilion is at guest's disposal. There are good possibilities for walks and the Centre provides bikes for the guests.

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Accommodation on Offer

14 single rooms with private bathrooms. A dining room overlooking the Sound, 2 lounges, conversation rooms, a church and a devotional room inviting prayer and silence.

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Retreat Centre Facilities

Please see website for retreat centre facilities

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Types of Retreat Offered

Please see website for retreats offered

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2024 Events (if known)


12-14 Individually guided weekend retreat

25-28 Contemplative retreat


04-09 Individually guided 5-days-retreat

23- 25 Individually guided weekend retreat


08-10 Individually guided weekend retreat


12-14 Retreat with meditative dance

24-26 Individually guided weekend retreat


07 – 09 Individually guided weekend retreat

21 – 28 Individually guided 8-days-retreat


05 – 12 Individually guided 8-days-retreat


30 August-1 September Individually guided weekend retreat

13-15 Retreat with meditative dance


13-19 Contemplative retreat


03- 08 Individually guided 5-days-retreat

22- 24 Individually guided weekend retreat

06 – 08 Individually guided weekend retreat

Retreat Centre Location

Strandvejen 352, 2980 Kokkedal, Denmark

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