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Homepage Adverts 2024

By advertising your retreat centre on our home page, you will benefit from the maximum number of people seeing your advert on our website.


Adverts on the home page generate an average of 90 visits per month to the advertiser’s website.


Profile your centre with a photo and description and we'll include a link to a webpage of your choosing.

To submit an advert for the home page please provide:


Photo: To measure 480 pixels wide x 198 pixels high or larger (landscape format - we can resize as needed)


Description: Text up to 190 characters including spaces (approx 30 words) in one paragraph.


Website link: This is the page address that you want the advert to link to.


Advertising rates - choose how long you wish to advertise for:

1 month - £170

2 months - £230

3 months - £280

6 months - £460

12 months - £645


Please send your booking to the Retreat Association info@retreats

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