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Retreat Centre Form - 7/7

Promotional leaflets

These colour information leaflets are a very useful resource for those beginning and deepening their spiritual journey. They include information on the work of the Retreat Association and its member groups and are available for you to display in your Retreat Centre, free of charge.
If you would like to order these leaflets, please enter the quantities you require.

Leaflet 1

For those who are beginning to ask questions about going on retreat.
Download leaflet.

Headings include

  • Who goes on retreat?

  • What is a retreat?

  • What happens on retreat?

  • Where can I go on Retreat?

  • What is the Retreat Association?

  • How the Retreat Association can help you.

Leaflet 2 

For those people who would like to become more involved with the Retreat Association through its member groups.
Download leaflet.

Headings include

  • What is the Retreat Association? - including help with finding a retreat,
    spiritual direction, resources and training

  • Membership - including an explanation of denominational member groups and the benefits
    of membership.

  • Getting involved - with an invitation to become a member of one
    of the member groups of the Retreat Association.

Legacy Leaflet


This leaflet encourages people to remember the Retreat Association in their will. Download leaflet.


We would be really grateful if you could display some of these leaflets at your centre if you have the space.

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